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The Power of Big Goals: Thinking Bigger and Better is good for the Brain!

There's something undeniably captivating about big goals. They have the power to ignite our passions and awaken our spirits, propelling us to heights we never thought possible.

It was in an edition of Sorted magazine, known as one of the world's most wholesome men's magazines, where they had interviewed me about my goals that I read something timely. When I got my hard copy I was delighted to see Bear Grylls, as a regular columnist. But it was another Column, by Peter Horne that caught my attention. It was titled "THINKING BIGGER AND BETTER".

Peter's column shed light on an intriguing phenomenon: how big goals can spark something deep within our brains, specifically the amygdala. This is where our emotions are housed, and when it lights up, magic happens. When we pair this emotional spark with the engagement of our front lobe, responsible for planning, attention to detail, and analysis, we set ourselves up for success in achieving those colossal dreams.

Drawing from the studies Peter referenced, what resonated with me most was the idea that goal-setting, coupled with meticulous planning, can fundamentally alter the structure of our brains. It made me realize the significance of not just dreaming but also crafting a roadmap to transform those dreams into reality. It was shortly after imbibing Peter's insights that I bid farewell to Tokyo for the last time and embarked on my odyssey around Japan, all in preparation for an epic ocean crossing.

Some questioned my intense emotional connection to this dream. I couldn't help but agree that my emotions were indeed running high. Passion, love, and fear swirled together within me, creating a potent concoction. However, this emotional intensity stemmed from the sheer enormity of my goal. As a novice sailor, the stakes were high, and I felt daunted. It was this recognition of the risks involved that drove me to invest substantial mental, physical, and financial resources into planning and preparation.

In my journey of preparation, UFC GYM, one of my sponsors, provided not only resources but also invaluable coaching and training. I recall a particular 6 am training session, located on the opposite side of Tokyo from where my boat was moored. I arrived feeling less than stellar, having battled indigestion throughout the night. My stamina was waning, but I pressed on. The trainers noticed my struggle and offered these wise words: "This is a good thing. Success isn't determined by how good you are on your best day; it's about how good you are on your worst day." Big goals have a unique way of propelling us forward and fueling our tenacity.

As I left UFC Gym that morning, I took note of what was written on the wall as I left


I know what mine is, and I'm diligently preparing for it. So, I ask you, what is your fight? What colossal goal stirs your soul and fuels your determination? Embrace it, plan for it, and let it light up your amygdala, for within those big dreams lies the power to reshape your destiny.



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