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It's Never too Late to learn and embrace change

Rediscovering Youth:

Embracing Change and Learning at Any Age

Ah, age, you cheeky rascal! The older you get, the younger you feel, right? It's like a cosmic joke, and the mirror seems to be in on it, offering up a version of you that's suspiciously different from the one you see in photos. Those snapshots, I mean the pics that others take, not selfies, never lie, do they?

Speaking of age, my dear mother (bless her soul) used to insist, starting around her 80s, that her doctor kept telling her she had the body and health of a teenager. Now, she was quite the character, and her "forever young" declaration coincided with the onset of dementia.

But let's get back on track, shall we?

I seem to have fallen victim to the same notion of eternal youth. Probably fueled by my decision to move onto a sailboat, where I live my life largely in fresh air, surrounded by the great outdoors. The mirror, in its apparent benevolence, keeps doing me favors. Sure, there was a bit of weight gain, but I told myself it was muscle from all the seafaring adventures. Cardio? Who needs it when you're sailing along stunning coastlines and mooring in remote harbors?

And then, as fate would have it, I find myself in the hospital. What I thought was just a pesky Charley horse in my left calf turned out to be clots in my leg and lungs. A déjà vu moment from eleven years ago.

I brought this upon myself, thinking I was invincible and ditching my meds months ago. My logic? My active outdoor life should've rendered me immune. But here I am, humbled and lying still in a hospital bed obeying the orders of the doctor. I surrendered, out of shame and the fear of more scolding from family, friends, and hospital staff, to the doctor's directive to stay still and not move.

Now, a week of immobility has me feeling older than I'd care to admit. Being mostly horizontal has unearthed aches and pains I'd long forgotten about, and I fear the my weight loss is more muscle depreciation than the result of "so-so" hospital food.

So, I must muster once again, a `don't give in` mindset and rise again! I won't let this hospital stint become a recurring episode in my blog. I prefer the illusion of eternal youth, even if it's a cosmic joke played by the universe.

Life's twists and turns may bring a few aches and pains, but hey, they're just reminders that the adventure is far from over. And while the mirror might play tricks, the laughter lines it reveals are the true markers of a life enjoyed.

It's never too late to feel young again. ☺

But, feeling young, or perhaps to put it better, to feel that the future has promise and you have the wherewithal to chase it, I offer two tips

At the Never Too Late Academy, we believe that it's never too late to breathe new life into your journey and revitalize your sense of purpose. Whether you're yearning to feel young again or simply seeking a brighter tomorrow, we've got two essential tips to ignite your passion for change and continuous learning.

It's never too late to learn: Study and feel invigorated

It's remarkable how knowledge can reignite the spark within. Embrace the power of learning a new skill. Dive into uncharted territories, explore your curiosities, and expand your horizons. By dedicating time to study, you're not only cultivating expertise but also rejuvenating your mind. The quest for knowledge invites fresh perspectives, enhances self-awareness, and deepens your connection to the world.

It's Never too Late to change your life: Embrace it wholeheartedly

Change is the catalyst for personal growth and transformation. Don't let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Consider altering your career path, relocating to a new place, or making adjustments to your lifestyle. Embracing change opens doors to exciting opportunities and allows you to step out of your comfort zone. It encourages you to evolve, becoming more attuned to your inner self, the people around you, and the vast world that awaits your exploration.

With these actions, you'll find your mind invigorated and your spirit rejuvenated. The world will appear more vibrant, with skies bluer and forests greener than ever before.


It is never too late to learn something new and It is never too late to change your life.

If you're ready to embark on this exhilarating journey, explore our online school at the Never Too Late Academy. Unleash your potential and discover how to become a digital nomad, write a book, raise money for a cause and more. Our courses will open new doors to a world of endless possibilities.



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