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lowell sheppard

Author | Motivational Speaker | Host of the History Channel TV series Dare to Dream | CEO and Founder of Never Too Late Academy | Founder of NGO HOPE International Development Agency Japan

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Let's work together!

Is your creative team running dry? Is your leadership in need of inspiration? Is your manager's vision in need of lifting?


There is a solution - invite Lowell Sheppard to come and speak!


There is no one quite like Lowell - his experience of reaching audacious goals in ingenious ways throughout his life is nothing short of inspirational. He understands the importance of blending courage with creativity and tools with know-how.His latest initiative–to sail around Japan as a novice sailor–has been so inspirational it has become a History Channel TV series and a book.


With his unique blend of experience, wisdom, and humor, Lowell will inspire and equip your team to do better, reach higher, and succeed.Whether he is telling motivational stories or engaging your team in ways that channel their vision and creativity, Lowell will not disappoint.


See below for a list of topics he has spoken and written about, none of which are theoretical ideas. They come from his real-life experience of living in war zones, flying bush planes in remote parts of the world, cycling the length of Japan and across the Japan Alps, nearly sinking his boat atsea, leading an NGO that has raised millions of dollars for the forgotten poor, and much more.

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Lowell's Bio in Brief

  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Author of Nine Books released in multiple languages.
  • TV Host of a new TV Series with the History Channel, DARE TO DREAM.
  • YouTuber (Pacific Solo) – the story of his sense of adventure and the down-to-earth and practical way he tenaciously approaches the multitude of issues and problems that come his way.
  • Founder of one of Japan's most respected NGOs: HOPEInternational Development Agency Japan - in the top 2 % of charitable organizations in Japan with the coveted “nintai” certified tax-deductible status.
  • Advisor to C Suite Executives.
  • Founder of the Never Too Late Academy.
  • Digital Nomad - he runs two companies from his boat equipped with solar and Starlink.
  • Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.
  • Long Distance Cyclist - he has cycled the length of Japan, one of the world's longest archipelagos, and across the Japanese Alps
  • Sailor - he has lived full-time on his boat for four years, the last two of which he has been sailing around Japan's coastline.
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Topics that Lowell Speaks & writes about

He is also happy to tailor a presentation for you and your team and help you raise the bar and improve individual and collective outcomes

• Misfit Dreamer to High Achiever: How Autism Helped Me
• Dare to Dream: A Four-Step Program to Re-design Your Life
• Managing Scary Seas and Reading Stormy Skies
• Fear and Failure: Friend or Foe
• The Role of Ritual to Seal the Deal and Propel You Forward
• How to Deal with Critics, Trolls, and Swarms
• Three Words to Amplify Your Re-Designed Life: Think, Feel, Do
• My Top Ten Fears. What are yours?
• Change: Surviving High-Speed Turns
• Fear and Frugality vs. Courage and Generosity
• Tsunami Stones and What They Teach Us About Social Legacy
• Lessons from the War Zone: What I have Learned about Conflict Resolution
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