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Sneak Preview and Tips on HOW TO READ A BOOK

I am thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my book, "Dare to Dream," which I've dedicated the past year to crafting. It's set to launch in the UK next month and in the USA next spring, thanks to Lid Publishing.

"Dare to Dream" is a unique blend of armchair adventure, memoir, and self-help. In its pages, I delve deep into the process of bringing audacious dreams to life, sharing four crucial steps for turning high-stakes aspirations into reality.

Throughout the book, you'll find a collection of captivating stories, including encounters where I've gleaned wisdom from others who've dared to dream. One of the most unforgettable moments came during a conversation with an 80-year-old shipbuilder. He was in the process of building a catamaran for his third solo circumnavigation. When I sought his advice as a novice solo sailor, his response was both simple and profound:

  1. Don`t fall overboard

  2. Stay Calm.

  3. When in a challenging situation, BE HAPPY. Remember this was your dream and you chose to be here.

In the spirit of sharing valuable insights, I'd like to offer you a sneak peek into the book's introduction. In this section, I provide guidance on how to read a book for maximum retention.

Dare to Dream (an excerpt)

INTRODUCTION: How to read this book.

I believe in the principles and rules outlined in the pages that follow. They help me realize my dreams and audacious goals. Many people abandon their dreams and ambitions due to the pressures of life that crowd those dreams out. I believe you, and I can recapture those dreams and live a rich and satisfying life. I want to inspire you with real-life stories that will equip and inspire you. These are lessons I have learned, and against the backdrop of my latest project, they are critical in keeping me alive–in more ways than one. They will do the same for you.

In Part One, I tell my story. I did not get a good start in life. Showing signs of a speech impediment, my parents were told that I was likely ‘mentally retarded.’ I have proven them wrong.

In Part Two, I will help you detect and define your dream. By understanding the anatomy of a dream, you will gain the courage to truly Dare to Dream and see those dreams become a reality.

Part Three contains tips and tools to help you along the way. It is all about executing a plan and making progress. You will be surprised how these tips and tools can trigger momentum and progress.

Part Four is a Bonus section that is a series of stories and insights to trigger reflection on profound themes.

You will gain the most from the content of the following pages by reading it through methodically. The book is structured so you can peruse the Table of Contents and dip into the sections that pique your curiosity. The main thing is to keep moving forward. Don't stop. And if you need inspiration, go back to what you have found helpful, particularly my story, and contemplate where and why it resonates with yours. This will help fuel your courage and perhaps gain even more insight.

Years ago, a wise teacher gave me great advice on how to read a book and retain its knowledge. I have abided by her advice, and it has made reading books less daunting and more productive. She told me to read a book three times:

1. Read it cover to cover the first time, but earmark (turn the corner of the page) on every page where you found something interesting.

2. The second time, read all the pages that you earmarked, and search for what jumped out at you the first time. Then underline those passages.

3. The third time, read what you have outlined.

I aim to prove it’s never too late to Dare to Dream. I have discovered clues to navigating fear and living with uncertainty. I have experienced the joy of having a beginner’s mind, learning to take on challenges with pleasure rather than trepidation.

This book is for everyone. No matter who you are, your gender, age, or location. This book can help you.

Before we move forward, I have an exercise for you. It will pay off if you do it. There are no right or wrong answers, and you may want to keep adding to the notes as you read this book and contemplate life and your purpose.

This exercise will trigger momentum. Forward motion! Which is important at this early stage. I suggest you get a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil or on a whiteboard. . last resort is your screen . . .and create two columns. In Column one, list every dream, and every fanciful wish, you have ever had. Use code if you like. No matter how outlandish, spectacular, or Impossible you felt they were, or how young you were at the time, list them all. In the second column, write the reasons why those dreams, goals, etc., have not been realized. Be honest. The reasons may be legitimate and important. One dream had to become subservient to another. Maybe it was too dangerous, or your parents didn't let you, or you could not afford it couldn't afford it, I had other priorities at the time, but that's fine. Write down all the reasons why those dreams have not been realized. Now having done the exercise. Hold onto those responses because we will come back to them later

So if you dare to dream, read on and make your dream come true.

There are lots of people with dreams. But not all awaken from their dreamy slumber. Others eagerly put their feet on the ground and start walking and taking action toward their dream. This book will help you take that first step, or if you have stalled in realizing your dream, it will help you restart.

A favorite quote of mine is by Paul Valery, a 19th century Poet, and philosopher who wrote, “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

He is right. The fact that you are reading the intro of this book is evident that you are serious about your dream.

So let’s get started.

Book Endorsements

Dare to Dream, written by Lowell Sheppard, is more than an armchair adventure. It serves as a guidebook, empowering readers to realize audacious dreams. With its compelling narrative and transformative insights, Dare to Dream is essential for those yearning to reshape their lives and careers

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

"Kids get told to 'live their dreams' all of the time. But - what does living your dream even mean? It can be too abstract. Lowell is the person who literally has been living his dreams, and the stories are too good not to share."

Ron Drabkin, author of the upcoming "Beverly Hills Spy" on William Morrow

One would imagine that, after leaving his mark in the business and agency development world, Lowell Sheppard would be thinking about taking it easy. That is not the case. In his engaging book, Dare to Dream, he shares details in the inner compass that drive a person to chase his dreams, no matter how rough the seas may be.

Asensio, author “World wide Data” and “Kickboxing Officer” (Business Expert Press, NY.)

Dare to Dream is about a willingness to grow, to overcome and adventure beyond the immediate horizon. It shows the reader how to overcome self-imposed limits and push through the fortress of discomfort to achieve the impossible…or at least the unlikely. With years of experience leading and adventuring under his belt, Lowell Sheppard's message inspires those who wish to be stormriders rather than being buffeted by the winds of change.

Jim Weisser, Serial Entrepreneur, Tokyo Japan

Lowell Sheppard demonstrates in his life and in these pages the value of overcoming conventional thinking, conquering fear and discovering one’s unique mission. His is an inspirational journey.

Robert E. Claar, CEO, HekaBio K.K.

The ultimate handbook for dreamers everywhere. It’s totally inspirational from start to finish and will challenge you to dream again.

Steve Legg, Editor-Sorted Magazine

"Lowell Sheppard's 'Dare to Dream' is an inspiring story and a must-read for anyone who is on a mission to make a game-changing impact in life. Based on his real-life experiences as a volunteer, philanthropist and adventurer. The book offers profound insights and a useful roadmap for personal and professional growth"

Paul Dupuis, Global leader and author of ‘The E5 Movement’

Inspiration is the catalyst that converts a dream into action. It's been harnessed by anyone that's ever achieved greatness, but true inspiration is rarely experienced by most people. Lowell has found a way to distill the rare feeling of 'inspiration' into its rawest form so the rest of us can harness it and change our dreams to reality.

David Shih has a Youtube Sailing Channel where his family of 6 sold everything to pursue the dream of living on a catamaran and sailing around the world.

You can order the book at the following link:



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