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Dare to Dream Mastermind Power-Up Session #1

Four Steps to Redesign Your Life.

 In conjunction with the US Book Launch of Dare to Dream and IAFOR


We are pleased to send you the Dream Detector Worksheet in advance of the event and also here is the zoom link:


 Lowell will be joined by fellow `never-too-laters` Harry Hill, former President of Oaklawn Marketing and President of UFC Gym; Paul Dupuis, former CEO of Randstad India and Chairman/CEO of Randstad Japan, and Mike Alfant, President Emeritus of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.


March 29th, Nippon Toshi Center

13:00 -  15:00 JST

Online: 14.99 USD 


Tokyo: 13:00 March 29th

Singapore: 12:00 (noon) March 29

Bangalore: 9:30 am March 29

San Francisco: 21:00 March 28



Dare to Dream Mastermind : March 29th ,Join On Line

Excluding Sales Tax
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