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What the heck is a NEVER-TOO-LATER

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The Importance of Planning and Coaching to achieve your goals

Not sure what "a Never-Too-Later" is? Well, it's a term that describes individuals who refuse to abandon their dreams. They're the kind of people who, instead of being reckless dreamers, are responsible achievers. They're not just content with envisioning their goals; they relish the process of planning various routes and taking that crucial first step.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing someone for a new book project. This individual has experienced both substantial success and numerous setbacks throughout their journey. They've even triggered significant social changes. I'm currently helping them document their life story, with the aim of passing on the invaluable lessons they've learned to aspiring entrepreneurs.

One of the key lessons this person stressed was the worthlessness of ideas without a solid plan. Even if the plan eventually led down the wrong path, it was still immensely valuable because it marked the beginning of the journey toward success.

This brings me to a quote by Paul Valery about realizing dreams. He said (and if you're a regular reader, you've probably heard this from me before), "The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." I've come to realize that the first essential step in making a dream a reality is simply getting out of bed, putting your feet on the floor, standing up, and taking that first step forward.

I often hear people talk about their dreams and ideas, but their lives aren't aligned with making them a reality. They lack a plan, a timetable, and an execution strategy. On the other hand, when I meet those who not only share their dreams but also their plans, I can't help but feel a sense of excitement.

So, that's what a Never-Too-Later is all about. Sure, life's circumstances might cause delays, but they remain in relentless pursuit of their dreams. It's not specific to age, gender, or economic status. A Never-Too-Later is someone who dreams, plans, and takes action. They are the embodiment of determination and the unwavering belief that it's never too late to chase what sets their soul on fire.

So, you're a Never-Too-Later, ready to chase your dreams. But how do you take that all-important first step? And what if, despite all your planning, it turns out to be the wrong step? Here's TEN TIPS to guide you on this exhilarating journey. :

1. Start with Clarity:

Before you take that first step, make sure you have a crystal-clear understanding of your dream. What is it, exactly, that you want to achieve? The more specific and well-defined your dream, the easier it will be to create a plan.

2. Set Achievable Goals:

Break down your dream into smaller, achievable goals. These smaller steps make the larger journey less intimidating and more manageable. It's like a staircase to your dream; each step takes you closer.

3. Create a Solid Plan:

Develop a well-thought-out plan. This should outline the necessary actions, timelines, and resources required. Plans may evolve, but having a roadmap in the beginning will keep you on track.

4. Embrace Imperfection:

Understand that taking the first step may involve uncertainty. It's okay to be unsure; it's part of the process. Perfection is not a prerequisite for progress. Sometimes, taking that leap into the unknown is precisely what you need to grow.

5. Learn from Missteps:

What if the first step doesn't lead where you expected? That's okay; it happens. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and adapt. Don't be discouraged; adjust your course and keep moving forward.

6. Seek Guidance:

Don't hesitate to seek advice from those who've trodden similar paths. Mentorship can provide invaluable insights and support when you're facing uncertainty. Even elite athletes have coaches. They know that good guidance can help them get even better. For coaching services click here.

7. Persistence is Key:

Success rarely comes overnight. Stay persistent, even in the face of adversity. Keep taking steps, refining your approach, and learning from every experience.

8. Trust your Instincts:

Sometimes, your gut feeling can be your best guide. Trust your intuition, especially when faced with difficult decisions.

9. Celebrate Small Wins:

Every achievement, no matter how minor, is a step forward. Celebrate your progress and use it as motivation to keep going.

10. Know When to Pivot:

If it becomes evident that your initial path isn't leading you toward your dream, be open to pivoting. Reevaluate your plan, adjust your course, and continue moving toward your ultimate goal.

Remember, the journey of a Never-Too-Later is an ongoing process. Embrace the setbacks, uncertainties, and course corrections as part of the adventure. The key is to keep moving, keep dreaming, and never give up. Your dreams are worth pursuing, and you have the resilience and determination to make them a reality. So go ahead, take that first step, and let it lead you to your extraordinary future.


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