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Are you a Never-Too-Later?

I have been described in a number of ways:

The Dream Whisperer

  • a Sponsorship Ninja

  • Gilligan trying to become Popeye

  • a Grampa Daring to Dream

...and more. But, this 67-year-old prefers to describe myself as a "never-too-later"! One thing for sure, while I may be a rookie sailor and on a steep learning curve in preparing for my solo crossing of the North Pacific, if there is one thing I know a lot about, it's fundraising. I've been doing it for 55 years! Started when I was twelve! And I have helped 100's of people raise funds (amounting to millions of dollars) in order to realize their dreams.

Now, within the YouTube Creator world, I am causing a stir for not merely focusing on the thresholds to become monetized but instead focusing on the dream and the goal to procure sponsors! Well before I hit the 1,000 subscriber mark, I had raised over $130,000 USD in cash and a further $25k in goods and services. And I did this by simply obeying and implementing the five rules of fundraising I have come to believe in, over five decades of doing this.

You too, can learn these skills

Now I am offering help to others through video courses and coaching at the Never Too Late Academy!

Do you have an audacious dream that is expensive? Check out the resources at the academy which include:

  • Ten Tips to Change the course of your life

  • The Role of Fear in Realizing a High Stakes Dream

  • How To Build a Community Around Your Cause

  • Mitigating Risk when using your own Money

  • Five Rules for Recruiting Sponsors

  • Coaching

...and more See you at the academy!


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