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Dare to Dream Mastermind

4 Steps to Redesign Your Life

Join us for the first step: Session #1: Detecting the Right Dream

March 29th (Fri), 13:00 ~ 15:00 JST

Singapore - 12:00 | Bangalore - 09:30
San Francisco - 21:00 (Mar 28th)


For the Serious Dreamer wanting to...

Detect, Amplify, Ready Up, and Enjoy 

Embark on a transformative journey with Lowell Sheppard, the visionary founder of Never Too Late Academy, as he unravels the path to realizing your dreams at the Tokyo DARE Mastermind Power Session.


Dare to Dream is Essential for those wanting to reshape their lives and careers.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith


Executive Coach

New York Times Bestseller

During this exclusive two-hour session, Lowell will guide you through detecting what is the dream that is the ONE that will propel you forward.


This will prepare your for your next steps when you're ready to create your road map to making that dream come true including creating planning milestones, funding your dream and enjoying every waypoint along the way.

Two Ways to Join!

  1. In-Person (Tokyo)
    Limited seats available @ $35.00 USD

  2. Join Us On-Line
    Just $14.99 USD

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“Good Informative session. I learned many things. ”



This session is ideal if you are approaching your "third chapter" in life or if you are seeking to support others in that stage.. 

As a Session #1 In-Person Participant you will get:

  • 2 hours of inspiration and instruction.

  • Signed copy of the book Dare to Dream

  • networking opportunity.

    Lowell will be joined by colleagues from the Never Too Late Academy including Harry Hill, of UFC Gym, Mike Alfant,  President Emeritus of the ACCJ, and Paul Dupuis, author and former CEO/Chairman of Randstad Japan.

  • Detect Your Dream worksheet.

  • Invitation to join a follow-up group call.

As a Session #1 On-line Participant you will get:

  • 2 hours of inspiration and instruction.

  • Detect Your Dream worksheet.

  • Invitation for a follow-up group call within 90 days.

  • 50% discount on a copy of Lowell's latest book, Dare To Dream.


 Key Highlights 

A core part of the Mastermind Course is defining your readiness goals and creating milestones.

Session 1 will deal with Detecting Your Dream.

Cherry Blossom

Tokyo Mastermind

Session #1: March 29th (Fri)

Follow Lowell Sheppard on the first step of the four-step D.A.R.E Program outlined in his book, "Dare to Dream," and walk away with a clearer sense of purpose, impact, and the actionable steps needed to turn your dreams into reality.

  • Where: Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo

  • When: March 29, 2024,
    1PM - 3PM (JST)

  • In-Person: $35.00 USD
    On-Line: $14.99 USD


Your Coach

Lowell Sheppard is an author, adventurer, public speaker, and leader.


His nine books have gone into five languages. What he writes about resonates with men and women of all ages and cultures.


Lowell has lived and worked in war zones, led cycle tours through Bandit and Tiger Country in SW Asia, cycled the length of Japan and, for the past four years, has been living fulltime on his sailboat visiting remote Japan.

Public Speaker

Lowell is comfortable in front of crowds of all sizes. Whether it is 4,000 or 4, he speaks in a way that is relevant and authentic, and seeks to inspire and equip people to make a difference.


Lowell has founded a number of organizations and is currently president of two companies.

For years, he has been an advisor to several C-level executives and entrepreneurs.

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