Course curriculum

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    Module Five: Publishing

    • Unit 1. Introduction

    • Unit 1. Introduction - Worksheet

    • Unit 2. Self-publishing

    • Uni2. Self-publishing - Worksheet

    • Unit 3. Landing a book deal

    • Unit 3. Landing a book deal - Worksheet

    • Unit 4. Promoting your book

    • Unit 4. Promoting your book - Worksheet


Senior Instructor

Lowell Sheppard

Lowell Sheppard is a Canadian author, motivational speaker, a social entrepreneur, a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, husband, father, a long-distance cyclist, and wanna-be sailor. Lowell has spent his entire adult life working with established and start-up NGOs. For the last twenty years he has served as an informal advisor to companies and boards in the area of ethical decision making and thought leadership with a focus on community legacy. Today, Lowell is often asked to speak on Ethics and Philosophy, Social Enterprise, CSR, Sustainability, and subjects related to his various books.
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“The best way to make your dream come true is to wake up.”

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