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"I have coached scores of others to realise their fundraising goals, with success every time!"

These sessions will

  • amplify your value proposition
  • leap you forward
  • attract maximum investment from quality partners, sponsors and investors
  • make it easy and fun

Here's How it Works

The program runs for 90 days. Group size will be no more than 20. Group calls will be held bi-weekly on Saturdays (Japan time).

  • Seven Group Calls (50-60 minutes) with five focusing on each of the Five Rules of Fundraising

  • Action assignments for each rule, with each acting as the foundation for the next step

  • Personalized comments on each assignment with tips and advice unique to your plan and your goal

  • At the end of 90 days, you will have started to raise and receive funds

Session #1 (Saturday JST)

  • Introduction to Five Rules of Fundraising and creating your steps to success
  • Assignments

Session #2 (Saturday JST)

  • Rule #1: Make a list.
  • This first step is critical. Time and thought are absolutely required at this stage.
  • Assignments

Session #3 (Saturday JST)

  • Rule #2: Create a presentation 
  • Create a Pitch Deck and supplemental assets (collateral), social media accounts and website
  • Assignments

Session #4 (Saturday JST)

  • Rule #3: Ask clearly and respect the answer 
  • Make contact with your primary list – emails, phone calls and texts
  • Assignments

Session #5 (Saturday JST)

  • Rule #4: Give more than you offer
  • Closing/Finalizing and respecting their decision.  Invoicing and receipting, etc.
  • Assignments

Session #6 (Saturday JST)

  • Rule #5: Follow up, no matter their decision
  • Create a community. Even those who said No. Website, stay in touch.
  • Assignments

Session #7 (Saturday JST)

  • Wrap up & debrief

Final assignment submission deadline

Your Coach

Lowell Sheppard

Referred to as the "Sponsorship Ninja", Lowell has a 55-year track record of successful fundraising, both personally and for others, having spent his entire adult life working with established and start-up NGOs.

Most recently, Lowell has raised over $150,000 to fund his own high-stakes dream, Pacific Solo.

Lowell's 5 Essential Rules for Fundraising is a proven process that has never failed and that he guarantees will help you achieve your fundraising target.

Coaching Works!

"This is not a magic wand, but by abiding by these rules and following the sequence, know that you will be successful. Having a coach will help ensure increased effectiveness, and having an accountability point, being motivated by the action and results of others and having a coach - together these things will help you build an effective plan."