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Funding your Cause | Foundation

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This course is ideal for anyone looking to procure sponsorship to raise funds for a cause. It is based on Module 4 of the Never Too Late Academy course ‘How to Fund Your Dream’ which also covers such topics as building a community and crowdfunding. In this course, Lowell Sheppard shares what he has learned during his 55 years of recruiting sponsors for causes. Essential skills you will learn are how to pitch to a potential sponsor and what needs to be in your all-important Pitch Deck. There are six units, each including an instructional video and a worksheet, that cover the following topics: - The Importance of Brand Alignment - Telling your Story - Presenting an Opportunity - Ensuring the right Tiers and Terms - Final Advice Upon completion, you will receive a completion certificate, and we will issue a complimentary one-month subscription to our Academy.



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